The little things make a big difference.

We believe that handwritten notes matter in our digital age, even if your handwriting is super messy and no one can actually understand it.

We believe in remembering birthdays without the help of Facebook, and celebrating milestones with more than a text. We’re about showing up, putting in the extra thought, and really cherishing our relationships.




We believe that life is fun and quirky and that everyday life is best approached with a sense of humor. We believe in making people laugh and connecting with others by being a little cheeky.


We create from a place of joy and hope to inspire joy in other people’s lives. We make things that excite us, inspire us, and make us laugh. We use fun as our guide, and aim to create something positive to bring into the world.


We print all of our products with a local printer, and use FSC-Certified stocks. We believe in establishing a relationship with our printer and supporting businesses close to home.


Hello! I'm Cheryl, the designer behind Quirky Paper Co.

The tradition of giving cards was passed down to me from my mom, who would often give cards to family, friends, and colleagues. I learned the importance of remembering birthdays, acknowledging and appreciating others, celebrating milestones, and keeping in touch with a thoughtful, handwritten note.

Growing up, I created cards for friends and family, and in high school, I created a line of handcrafted cards which my kind aunt sold at her workplace, a post office. After high school, I knew I wanted to pursue art & design, so I headed off to attend Emily Carr University. At this time, I was no longer making my handcrafted cards, but I started developing my design skills through my school projects and internships and volunteer positions. Upon graduating, I started a graphic design position, but I was still craving a chance to create. 

I looked into my closet and noticed I still had envelopes left over from my high school days, and decided they shouldn’t go to waste. I signed up for a craft sale (even though I hadn’t made anything yet...and had no business name…) and got busy making new card designs. As I started creating, I felt a huge burst of energy and excitement and knew that this was the reason I chose to pursue a creative path in the first place.

Now, I continue on my creative journey with Quirky Paper Co. My goal is to create unique and cheeky cards that inspire others to take the time to connect with people they care about. I love spending time crafting ideas into something that makes people laugh and smile.

To learn more about the full story behind Quirky Paper Co., read my blog post here.

Photo credit: Sunny Shah | Mural by: Kristofir Dean



Art critiques, overall support

Sunny is one tough critic and offers his keen eye for design and illustration, overlooking Cheryl’s designs before they go to print.



Maddie has been contributing her clever and witty ideas to our collection since our September 2018 release.